4 Fashion Tips to Make Your Boyish Figure More Feminine

While some women might openly envy your sporty body, you may begrudge your square shoulders and lack of curves. A more masculine profile doesn't make you any less of a woman--or any less attractive than your curvy counterparts--but you may want to look more feminine for certain occasions. Here are four fashion tips for making your boyish figure appear more feminine.

1) Avoid spaghetti straps

Though hot weather may beckon you to wear sleeveless styles, avoid spaghetti straps at all costs. Spaghetti strap tank tops make shoulders appear broader than they already are. Also, the square neckline of spaghetti strap camisoles can make small breasts appear even flatter. Instead, opt for tank tops with thicker straps. This will create an optical illusion that makes your shoulders appear softer and narrower.

2) Wear scoop necks and v-necks

Scoop necks and v-neck styles elongate a squarer torso and help you appear more feminine. High necks and crew neck styles serve the opposite purpose and can actually emphasize a squarer body shape. However, wearing a v-neck when you have a boyish figure can make you look sharp and powerful--in a very feminine way, of course.

3) Emphasize your waist

When you have a boyish figure, you need to work on playing up your curves as much as possible to appear more feminine. Belts are excellent for cinching everything together and creating a visual highlight at the waistline. Consider wearing jackets that nip at the waist and flair at the hips. Wearing pants and skirts that add a bit of volume to your hips can make your waist seem smaller in comparison, resulting in a curvier, more feminine appearance.

4) Wear your hair long

While a lot of women look great with shorter hairstyles, you may want to avoid this if you feel your figure is too boyish. Longer hairstyles appear more feminine than shorter ones. Plus, long, cascading locks have the added benefit of softening a heavier shoulder line. If you feel a little too masculine, consider growing your hair out for an effortlessly feminine appearance.

Closing Thoughts

There's nothing wrong with having a sporty, more boyish appearance. In fact, there are many great-looking women who rock the tomboy look. However, you may prefer to look more feminine some of the time. Even if you have a more boyish bone structure, you can definitely pull this off by implementing the right fashion strategies.

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